Working through my first decade in the engineering biz as a manual drafter and survey-crew slave, a couple advancements in technology really caught my interest. First was programmable calculators. Coding was fun, and the programs I wrote removed huge amounts of the drudgery from life as a design tech.

Then along came real computers that the average joe could buy. You still couldn't really do much in engineering, and nothing at all in drafting, but I liked computing so much I worked the 'puter side for a while as a service tech & programmer along with sales & support.

In '86, out of work & bored, a friend asked if I thought she should take a trade-school course in this new-fangled AutoCAD stuff. I was the one that took the training - and taught the class the following summer.

I've been a CAD geek pretty much since then. I do Civil 3D mostly, along with mapping & GIS stuff. I'm pretty good with C3D and Map 3D and ESRI ArcMap, and I'm lucky enough to know people that are REALLY good and can help me learn what I don't know.

Which brings me here. Maybe I can help some of you learn what you don't know. Maybe I can write about what I don't know, and we can figure it out together. And maybe I'll have some fun along the way.


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