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Hospital bills are fun. Seeing what gets cut by how much by the insurance companies. Glad you were able to make the events at AU.

I've already seen the claim from the hospital itself (probably another to come from the doctor) and the initial amount was around $3,400. The insurance discount took it down to $1,350. Glad it was now and not January.

And hey, great seeing you again! I was pretty fuzz-brained a lot of the time due to dehydration, but I could recognize people and smile even though conversation was difficult. Weird how much effort it took just to say hello to someone.

Then again, fuzzy-brain isn't all that uncommon a status for me ;-)

Hey Earl - just now catching up with your AU news. That was some nasty stuff but glad you semi-recovered in time.
It was just as well I didn't try to go to AU. Our big project took all of my time & energy - finally posted files last Thursday.
Enjoy Old Year's night, have a great 2011 & talk soon.


You are about the 8-9th person that I know of that got food poisoning at AU over the years. I wonder how many that I don't know of got it.

I think I learned something basic - if you eat late at a restaurant, stay away from the soups & sauces.

And... so one MORE Autodesk University goes by and I didn't catch up with you. Or did I? This time around I might not know. When it happens, the fabric of the universe will be strained. It's dangerous enough that AU gets so many CAD geeks together, but too many that understand GIS *and* CAD in a room...

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